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Do you have a book inside you? Have others urged you to write a book about your life journey or something that you're passionate about? Is writing a book a dream you carry around inside, one that won't leave you alone? Then you'll love my new Book Dreamers Coaching Package!  It's 12 sessions spread over a 6 month period.  Now there's no excuse!


On Jan. 1, 2013, I set out on a travel adventure with no plan or timeframe, just the spirit of adventure and my intuition as my guide.  Now almost a year later, I'm still traveling and living as a nomad. My blog, Caravan of Dreams, is my chronicle of this journey chock full of stories, photos, interviews and videos. Subscribe now so you don't miss a single post! 

The Power of Beauty

New Coaching Program!

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of 12 Secrets, my new year-long subscription coaching program. The name refers to bringing what is hidden and buried into the light of awareness so that it can be seen and then healed or utilized, depending on what emerges. 

Each month has a different theme and the coaching sessions during that month are based on that theme. It's a deep and yet slowly paced exploration of 12 aspects of your life. By giving each one attention and shining the light of awareness there, authentic, sustainable transformation can take place. 

Both annual and monthly subscription plans available. To learn, more visit my One-on-One page. Let's get busy exploring YOU!


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Need a Creative Boost?

Coming Soon!

Are you a woman on the verge of a creative breakthrough?  Would you like some support and guidance to smooth the way?The next session will probably take place next year.  Check back soon to join us as we gather together in an online community to dive deep, explore and express ourselves creatively! Six weeks jam packed full of inspiration, creative activities, exercises, tips, tools and wisdom, plus a circle of gifted, creative women offering support and confidence-boosting love!  








My focus has been on the alchemy of the human in the context of a group or in essence a community of people invested in each other’s well being. This context is one of the most powerful mediums for transformation there is as it not only allows people to be seen, heard and validated, but it also opens the space for the wisdom and guidance of the collective consciousness to emerge.
— VF