In the midst of a major life transition?

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Life out of balance?

I can help, and now it's more affordable than ever! In alignment with the new gifting economy, I'm removing my standard fees and replacing them with a new "pay what you can" love offering policy. YOU decide how much to pay based on what you can afford AND how much value you perceive. It goes into effect on April 1st.

“Working with Victoria was such a rewarding delight. After every session I came away feeling empowered, inspired and clear about the dream life I am working to create. She helped me to focus my vision and to identify the steps that needed to be taken in order to realize that dream. Victoria was quick to offer tools, resources and ideas to support me and my vision at each different stage in our work together. Best of all, I felt Victoria was like a close friend who not only really understood me but who also truly cared for me and my success. ”
— Ashlie B., Maui
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Writer. Mystic. Catalyst. Alchemist. Muse.

My current work involves inspiring and empowering women to live life on their terms, to follow their hearts and their dreams and to open themselves to their highest joy. There is NOTHING more rewarding, more enlivening or more authentic than "doing who you are"! I serve as a guide that helps unblock the pathways of old beliefs and habits and break down the walls of resistance and procrastination until the light breaks through and momentum kicks in.

All of us need a sounding board or we end up spinning around in our intellects without clarity. We can see others better than we can see ourselves, and therefore we need others to help us to see those things that are simply too close. Using a unique blend of Socratic questioning (in which each question arises from the previous answer), life coaching and traditional brainstorming techniques I can help you solve a problem, make a decision, take action on an idea, etc. What emerges from the dialog can be profound (lots of Ah-Ha moments). The end result is far more intuitive and reflective of the core aspects of the individual’s or business's overall values.

Not only do I promise you will see your situation from a completely new perspective, I will help you deconstruct it so that you can move forward with confidence. My expertise is backed by over three decades working with people in groups, classrooms, business settings, and one-on-one. In that time, I’ve perfected this quick and effective way to gain clarity about any problem or situation, and I’m happy to share that process with you.

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On Jan. 1, 2013, I set out on a travel adventure with no plan or timeframe, just the spirit of adventure and my intuition as my guide.  Now almost a year later, I'm still traveling and living as a nomad. My blog, Caravan of Dreams, is my chronicle of this journey chock full of stories, photos, interviews and videos. My latest blog post...

Letting Life Lead

Life is full of surprises.

Living nomadically, uncertainty is my constant companion. For example, a recent house sit that was supposed to last just over two weeks, ended abruptly after ten days because of a major plumbing problem caused by Lilac roots invading the main water line. Time to go!

Even though we assume we know what's going to unfold in the next minute, hour, day or week--the truth is, we don't. It's just easier to function by acting as though we do.


Grab a cup of tea, relax and luxuriate in my cozy little online sanctuary while you explore the many tips, tools and ideas I've created with you in mind. Put your feet up and revel in the self-care suggestions you'll find here. This place is all about supporting your soul's journey, with plenty of reminders to just be (and breathe).. You'll find creative tools and exercises, ideas and inspiration, along with some simple game plans to get your life moving again. All of it my gift to you to thank you for stopping by and being part of this creative tribe of women.Together, we can hold the space in our hearts that gives each of us a unique voice and yet unifies us as one sisterhood. Our time has come.


I have LOTS of juicy soul-nourishing goodies in store for you in the coming months! I'll be offering up some nice servings of audio and video products, a new book coming out in the fall (more on that soon), some online as well as live, in-person events, an e-course or tele-class or two and MORE! All delightful, all chock-full of ingredients to help make 2015 the most fulfilling and amazing year yet! I'll be busy a lot behind the scenes working on all of these goodies, but in the meantime, stop by and read my blog, subscribe to my newsletter or just drop me a line to say hello! I'm SO glad you're here! I know that 2015 is going to be a BIG year for many of us. Are you ready?

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“As an over the top creative thinker, I have found Victoria’s wisdom and guidance indispensable. Her assistance and big picture vision have been paramount in aiding me to organize my creativity into a productive work structure. With her continued support, I am able to push through blocks and other challenges while stepping ever forward to building the life I envision for myself.”
— Lezlie W., Seattle