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Has 2014 been about some big seismic shifts but left you with lots of questions? Would you like to head into 2015 knowing that you could explore some of those questions and integrate those shifts? My 12 Secrets Package is a perfect way to structure your year because it puts YOU at the center! A 12-month program with different monthly themes to bring awareness and tools to different parts of your life. Are you ready?


On Jan. 1, 2013, I set out on a travel adventure with no plan or timeframe, just the spirit of adventure and my intuition as my guide.  Now almost a year later, I'm still traveling and living as a nomad. My blog, Caravan of Dreams, is my chronicle of this journey chock full of stories, photos, interviews and videos. Subscribe now so you don't miss a single post! 

Healing Crisis

Women's Online Coaching Group!

Coming Early 2015!

Have you arrived at midlife with lots of ideas, passion and an unquenchable desire to express yourself creatively? Are you longing to find a group of kindred late bloomers? Do you consider yourself ripe and ready to bloom into your authentic purpose?

Yes? Then please join us!

Inspired by a blog post I wrote about late bloomers during my recent 30-Day Blog Challenge, I felt a soul nudge to create an online tribe to explore this fascinating topic. We'll gather around the virtual fire to share stories about our long journey to get to this creatively fertile part of life and discuss the best way to harvest the overflowing abundance of ideas and projects. More...




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My focus has been on the alchemy of the human in the context of a group or in essence a community of people invested in each other’s well being. This context is one of the most powerful mediums for transformation there is as it not only allows people to be seen, heard and validated, but it also opens the space for the wisdom and guidance of the collective consciousness to emerge.
— VF