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Since I'm busy for the next several weeks facilitating my 6-week e-course, Creative Alchemy, many of the women taking the course, have graciously offered to write guest blog posts. Yay! Thank you SO much ladies! Here's a new post by Tara Catalano. Enjoy!

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Have you read the book "Eat, Pray, Love"? I'm sure a lot of you have. It is one of my favorite books. After leaving my husband and foreclosing on our home, I landed at my parent's home with my son and an empty bank account. It was the first step in rebuilding my life in pursuit of happiness. Onlookers assumed that moving in with my parents as a 34 year-old single mother was a catastrophe. In reality, it was quite the opposite. It was actually fun. One of the many moments that often crosses my mind was a particular Friday night. My son was with his dad and my parents were going to happy hour. My mom walked by my room and invited me to have a cocktail with them. She looked shocked when I declined her invitation for a night out on the town. Instead, I was busy traveling the world, eating pasta, praying and falling in love through the eyes of Elizabeth Gilbert. I was reading "Eat, Pray, Love" and shedding tears at each moment that Elizabeth tickled my soured heart. I melted into the worldly adventures that she shared with her readers. It was the most perfect book for my own new beginnings.

So anyway, fast forward a few years. I am living on my own again and manifesting whatever my creative heart desires. If I see any media with Elizabeth Gilbert's name on it, I'm attentive. I really admire her voice and feel connected to her in many ways. Recently, I discovered her "Creative Genius" video through Facebook. Elizabeth Gilbert muses on the idea of artists/writers "having" a creative genius rather than "being" a creative genius. In short, the idea of "having" a creative genius allows an artist/writer to manipulate it to better serve the creative process. I actually put forth this idea and it worked. No lie. When I worked a day job in the corporate world, I would get this wave of paintings visualizing in my head. This unexpected phenomenon tormented me because I couldn’t surrender to the creativity. I had to stay focus on my day job. Thanks to this video, my paradigm shifted. Now, I thank my creative genius for being part of my life then tell it to come back later when the creative process can be nurtured. So far, it has been a "genius" at listening.

Post by Tara Catalano