Creativity is Love

Since I've been busy for the past several weeks facilitating my 6-week e-course, Creative Alchemy, many of the women taking the course, graciously offered to write guest blog posts. Yay! Thank you SO much ladies! Here's a post by Becky Cavender Enjoy!


Creativity is love. When you paint, take a photograph, write a poem, sew a quilt, make a card, carve wood, throw clay, play piano, or sing whatever is in your heart, you are showing-up for yourself. You’re expressing part of who you are and in that expression, creating an act of love and remembering who you are.

This is why sharing our creativity can bring up feelings of vulnerability … it is personal and intimate. Creating is loving. We build this beautiful, tender part of ourselves and place it in the palm of our hands as an offering, as a way of saying, “Hello, world. This is who I am. Hope you like it.” It’s scary.

The first time I went to a writing group and read my stuff, I felt frightened and questioned whether I was a masochist to open myself up to the rejection of strangers. And let’s face it: Rejection sucks. When I press “publish” on my blog or submit a piece for publication, I question whether what I say will be understood and appreciated by others.

It’s no surprise some of us horde our creative work. We tuck manuscripts in drawers, take our paintings off the wall, place photographs in cupboards, and hide a part of ourselves away. We’re afraid that if you don’t accept our art, you’re denying our gift of love … and, consequently, rejecting who we really are.

That fear of rejection is so strong that some of us stop creating. It’s easy enough to say that we’re too busy to play our guitar or that we’re simply not good enough to continue making jewelry. We compare our art to other artists; but really, those are excuses to justify tightly closing the door on ourselves.

The problem is this: When we don’t express our creativity and share it, decay sets in. Squandering away who we really are, that part of us that aches to be seen and heard, actively damages our spirit. If you’re an artist, you must create art. If you’re a writer, you must write. Doing so is loving yourself.

Love is a verb. It’s an action. A creation. Not only are we meant to love ourselves, we are also meant to love others -- and that means being brave enough to do our thing and share that with others. Put it out there. Yes, it’s bold. Yes, it’s vulnerable. Yes, it’s hard. It’s harder to not be true to yourself, though.

So you’re a dancer? Dance. It’s self-love. You’re an interior designer? Go put a room together and feel your heart say thank you. Show up for yourself. Go be who you are. Create those beautiful versions of you.

Becky Cavender is a freelance writer, artist, and single mom living in the Pacific Northwest.