I've been a community builder for years and I currently have a vision for a multi-use community center that would offer people a full range of activities, which would support multiple aspects of their lives including work, creativity, relationships, service to the community, etc. It could serve as a pilot as well as an incubator for similar communities or creative work-life pods throughout the city and could even be seen as an urban lifestyle retrofit.

Many people are isolated, lonely, depressed and financially strained throughout the United States, especially in urban areas. Few are really thriving in the isolated, resource draining, nuclear family model, especially young children and the elderly. If given the opportunity, many people could transform their lives and the lives of others by combining talents and resources and living expenses. Many are looking for alternatives and my model could provide it in a cutting edge, rewarding and sustainable way. The center I envision could contain the following elements, among others:

  • Meeting space for large groups, workshops, gatherings, etc.
  • Retreat space
  • Small rooms for creative coaches to see clients
  • Writing cubbies for writers needing creative space
  • Rehearsal space for theater and bands
  • Studios for artists
  • Work space for cottage industries/small entrepreneurial ventures
  • Kitchen and large dining hall for events connected with food
  • Garden space
  • Living space for artists and entrepreneurs using the building
  • Mentoring and coaching program for teens
  • Publishing business
  • Workshops and groups to help people in all aspects of their lives: relationships, friendship, work and entrepreneurship, creativity, community building, sustainability, permaculture, healthy living, etc.