I prefer working in a group format because something magical happens when you create a sacred container-- that circle of people ends up being something greater than the sum of its parts. A powerful energy emerges from the group collective and in that collective, it opens up a channel to the even greater collective of life. All the content, the energy, the tools, the inspiration, the information, the wisdom, insights and resources—everything that is needed becomes available and accessible in that context. Because of that, people are able to share great levels of wisdom, they’re able to become vulnerable with each other, they’re able to establish a higher level of trust than they would in a social setting, they’re able to have a deep level of intimacy with people they barely even know very quickly. What this allows is different levels of motivation, honesty, healing, growth, learning and a really powerful sharing of stories that when heard and witnessed by others can motivate people to take action that they might not otherwise because someone’s modeling that; it gives people the courage to do things they might not want to do. In that environment, something has the potential to shift within them when they see that they’re not alone. Seeing that others are facing similar fears and challenges begins to create a feeling of relief and hearing someone say, “Here’s what I’m going to do about that….” Or “Here’s what I did about that…” It as if someone reaches out their hand to that person, and they start to move and vibrate when maybe they’ve been frozen for years.