Creative Dates ( a name coined by Julia Cameron in her book, The Artist's Way) are a wonderful way to book time with yourself to immerse yourself in a creative environment. The way Cameron views it, you book a date with yourself and go to a museum, an art gallery, open mic or some other inspiring environment to help get your juices flowing.

I've taken the idea of Creative Dates and turned in into a more community-based activity. Instead, I see them as an opportunity to book time with other creative people in a quiet setting and take that time to work on a creative project either alone or in collaboration with one or more people. I hosted a few of these Creative Dates at my house and they were awesome!

Getting together in this way, really broke through people’s barriers to getting their projects completed, including specific issues related to needing help from others. Obstacles, fears, lack of information, feeling alone or overwhelmed seemed to simply fall away when we opened up honestly admitting where we were stuck and what we needed.

I loved it because I saw people committing to moving forward faster than they would if left alone. It’s a creative accelerator, so to speak. because the experience adds energy and intensity to each person’s individual process and also expands upon the original ideas so that they can blossom and grow stronger. Over time, and with enough creative dates, there is a much greater likelihood that each individual project would be successful because the group is investing in each person’s growth and success. Plus, these sessions allow one to put down one’s shields and defenses and become vulnerable and open, which fosters authentic creative expression rather than the synthetic substitute that results from the false persona most of us wear socially. True creative expression, after all, is all about diving deep and bringing forth the true voice of one’s being.