Developing the ability to discern the difference between true knowledge that is coming from within and the mental voices in our heads ia a slippery slope until we can fully grasp that there is indeed a difference. The difference is difficult to hear without some degree of practice.

The first thing to look for is the tone. The voice of our inner awareness, which you can call your Higher Self, Source or God, has a calm, quiet, emotionally neutral tone. The voices of the mind or random thoughts, sometimes referred to as the “drunk monkey”, has a chaotic, frenetic, emotionally charged tone. The tone of our inner awareness is consistently grandfatherly and wise, while the tone of our mental thoughts is ever-changing and in a moment’s notice can shift from rebellious child to scolding parent.

The second thing to look at is content. The voice of our inner awareness tends to brings us information, insights and wisdom that we need right now in our lives. It is sometimes very simple and brings clarity to a particular situation. Other times, is it more complex and shifts our perspective entirely or guides us to make a major decision in our life. The content of the mind, on the other hand, is all over the place. The messages are inconsistent and leave us feeling overwhelmed and confused. It has a reactive, impulsive quality to it, that is typically fully of judgment and demands. The information tends to lead us around in circles, rather than offer us solutions.

The third aspect of discernment is the state of being that is evoked. Our inner awareness brings us feelings of expansiveness and relief that comes from finally having the vision to see the bigger picture. It opens our hearts and brings with it compassion and forgiveness and trust. The egoistic mind brings feelings of contraction and limitation. It makes us feel powerless and helpless, which we quickly attempt to cover up with a false sense of power or self-righteousness. Either way, the result is that those thoughts make us feel less than or more than others.

Finally, the best way to know the difference and really see each for what they are comes down to this: our inner awareness has our best interest, our well being at heart, while the mental monkey or ego is only interested in survival at any cost.

Note: The above text is an excerpt from my self published book, Blessed Madness.