The Four Golden Threads - Relationship Coaching Package

The Four Golden Threads (article link here) are the foundation of my relationship coaching package. This is the ideal, of course, and it is something you can expand into as a couple or if you're single you can look for someone that you have that connection with. Beyond that the focus of the work is self-awareness, getting clear about core values and aligning with those, listening to intuition and creating a life that is an authentic reflection of those values. This, of course, means finding or working with a partner who loves you as you are and supports your life purpose. I help clients create a personal as well as a relationship manifesto to gain clarity about themselves and what qualities they want in a partner. It's a very powerful, eye-opening process.

The Four Golden Threads Package helps you: 

  • Increase your self awareness

  • Identify relationship myths, beliefs and patterns

  • Create a personal as well as a relationship manifesto

  • Remove walls and build bridges in your relationships

  • Explore the spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual aspects of relationships

  • Learn how to set loving boundaries

  • Sharpen communication skills

  • Resolve conflict

  • Understand the alchemy of love

  • Plus more! 

This package includes: 

  • Six 60-minute sessions (phone or Skype) over three months

  • Six email recaps following each sessions

  • Six email check-ins between sessions

Cost: $595

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