Get It Done

This is a hands-on session in which you need help with the actual work needed to follow through with a big decision, work on a business or creative project, role-play for an important interview, meeting or pitch, organize a space, set up containers of time, plan a trip, etc. It is practical, on-the-ground work and you'd prefer not to tackle it alone. Working together we can move through resistance and obstacles and step into the flow of grace and ease, so that what was once daunting becomes doable.

Get It Done Photo.jpeg


  • Greater sense of confidence
  • The task becomes more enjoyable
  • New ways of doing things happen naturally from collaboration
  • Feeling of accomplishment
  • Rediscovery of the joy of doing
  • Reconnecting with yourself
  • Transforms work into play
  • Sharing your passion with another

When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and stressed because of a major decision, project, meeting or task, a Get it Done session can give you the support you need to restore your confidence, move forward and take the steps needed for completion. There is no need to suffer through any big task alone. An added bonus: there are lots of tidbits of insight, tools, strategies and resources that can be gathered along the way. There's a touch of inspiration infused in every session!

Session with Email Recap: $125  Includes a summary of session, exercises/strategies and resources (sent within 24 - 48 hours).