I'm currently writing a book about creating successful groups and building community, but here are a couple of lists of ingredients that will get you started:

Here’s the Logistics list:

  • Tea/coffee and filtered water
  • Snacks which can be served either during or after the meeting
  • Comfortable seating arranged in a circle
  • Name tags for the first couple of meetings
  • Paper, pens, index cards for activities
  • Sign on front door with added instructions, such as “Remove Your Shoes”
  • Donation basket
  • Optional: fresh flowers, tea light candles, incense, music for ambiance
  • Format Options:

    • Discussion with changing topics
    • Workshop style activities
    • Creative activities
    • Guest speakers
    • Sharing creative work and critiquing (you can also do this without critiquing)
    • Field trips and outings
    • Mastermind (group goal setting and holding each other accountable)
    • Any combination of the above
    • Create your own format