1.  Choose a leader or two co-leaders to take responsibility for starting and organizing the group.

2.  Create a mailing list with phone numbers and send to each member.

2.  Establish the best time to meet (a weekday evening or Saturday mornings are good possibilities).

3.  Decide whether you will meet on the 1st & 3rd (_____day) of the month or the 2nd and 4th (_____day) of the month.

4.  Determine length of each meeting (2-2 ½ hours is ideal).

5.  Choose the location for the first meeting (someone’s house, a café, or a library are all good places to meet).

6.  At the first meeting decide how you want to run each meeting, what you want to include, and how much time will be allotted for each area.  Some possible areas of focus might be:


                        Writing exercises



7.  Also at the first meeting, establish your guidelines for critiquing:  type of writing to include, length of each piece, and how the critiquing will be done.  One option is for critiquing to occur immediately following the writer’s reading of the piece.   Another option is for the members to take the piece home and give the writer more in-depth feedback. (Some groups do both.)  Still another option is for the writer to hand out his/her work for the members to take home at one meeting; then at the following meeting, members share their critiques with the writer.  In this scenario, the writer doesn’t read his/her work at all. Any variation of these options is possible, depending upon the needs of the group.

8.  As the group gets established, you can decide how to handle refreshments, new members, rotation of group leaders, etc..