Are you ready to explore the lessons from my Inner Alchemy program and ebook in a live class? 

I’m offering 30, one-hour live classes (via Zoom or Google Meet) with each one dedicated to an individual lesson. Here are the list of classes below. You may sign up for each one individually or the whole series (this will be a discounted rate). The classes will be recorded, so if you sign up and miss one, you’ll have access to the recording.

  1. Taking Time for You

  2. Intuition - Part 1 - Discerning Your Inner Voice

  3. Intuition - Part 2 - Honoring Your Intuitive Style

  4. Freedom from Negativity

  5. Forgiveness

  6. FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)

  7. The Subtle Art of Self-Betrayal

  8. Cultivating a Daily Gratitude Practice

  9. How Would You Rate Your Authenticity?

  10. Inside Out/Outside In

  11. Emotional Sobriety

  12. Are You a Practical Mystic?

  13. A Little Chat About the Ego

  14. On the Beam

  15. Love Wins

  16. Letting Grace Enter

  17. The Sweet Gifts of Silence

  18. Daily Rituals = A Balanced Life

  19. Investing in Your Spiritual Bank Account

  20. Untying the Knots

  21. Conscious Discomfort

  22. Getting Honest with Ourselves

  23. Inner Revolution

  24. The Highest Joy

  25. Riding the Dragon

  26. Alchemy of Consciousness

  27. Embracing the Mystery

  28. Inner Radiance

  29. Miracles

  30. The Path to Inner Peace

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