Late Bloomers Online Coaching & Mastermind Group For Women

Do you feel as though you're just coming to the full expression of your life purpose with all the tributaries joining together? Are you ready to create an authentic, soul-nourishing body of work? Would you benefit from the support of kindred creative women and the nurturing guidance of a creative coach? 


8 Weeks. 10 Creative Women. 1 Coach. All We Need is You!

This small online group will be made up of women in mid-;life who are blossoming (or on the verge) and would benefit from a bit of nudge. This group is dear to my heart for a couple of reasons; 1) I consider myself a late bloomer, coming to the full expression of my life purpose with all the tributaries joining together to create an authentic, soul-nourishing body of work; 2) This will be my very first online coaching groups...and I LOVE coaching groups. They have a magic and power like no other format, catalyzing members to take BIG, BRAVE LEAPS forward with the arms of a kindred tribe holding them. It is such a joy to witness that it makes my heart swell with love just thinking about it.

The format of the group will be an online teleclass (audio only, no video) that will meet once per week for 90 minutes for 8 weeks, with an option to extend if everyone agrees. The group will be made up of creative women in mid-life who are blossoming and are seeking support in the form of a kindred tribe and for those who are on the verge of blooming, but would benefit from a bit of a nudge. If there's enough interest, I'll divide those women into different groups.

What's included:

  • One Discovery Questionnaire
  • One 45-Minute One-On-One Phone Session with Victoria
  • Eight 90-Minute Teleclass Coaching Sessions
  • Eight Email Recaps
  • Eight Email Check-Ins
  • Resource List

Topics Covered Include:

  • Developing a Daily Practice
  • Sharing Your Work
  • Finding Outlets for Your Work
  • The Business Side of Creativity
  • Money Issues
  • Work-Life-Art Balance
  • The Renaissance Approach
  • Service to Others
  • Aging with Grace
  • Dealing with Discrimination
  • How to Be Taken Seriously by  Family & Friends
  • Time & Space: Working with Sacred Containers of Time
  • Dealing with Rejection
  • Collaborations & Partnerships
  • And more....

Remember this is a coaching group NOT a workshop.

So what's the difference? Rather than simply being given information with exercises to do as in a course or workshop, this group will be run like a one-on-one coaching session with intensive individual attention paid to each and every member using questions to invoke deep exploration in a quest to discover the answers that lie within. A coach empowers those she works with to uncover their own answers and rely on their own inner guidance. This group will offer that AND the absolutely delicious support that can only be found with a group of kindred women whose values are aligned.

I can't wait to get started, can you?


  • Accelerate your creative process
  • Gain clarity about which direction to go
  • Gather support from women who share your vision
  • Learn from other people's stories what's possible for you
  • Find resources to support your journey
  • Have a safe space to share your heart and your art
  • Empower yourself to stretch beyond your current limitations
  • See your life and your creativity with fresh eyes

This group is for you if:

  • You're overwhelmed by too many options
  • You feel stuck creatively
  • You don't like the isolation of working alone
  • You are looking for help structuring your time
  • You have difficulty starting or finishing projects
  • You respond well to external accountability
  • You don't feel supported creatively by friends and family
  • You have lots of ideas, but don't know which one to choose
  • You're ready to make a shift to living more creatively

If you resonate with ANY of those issues, then this group WILL make a difference!

Mark your calendar! Group begins on April 7th! 

There will only be a limited number of spaces, so if interested, reserve your spot today!

Questions? Fill out the form on my Connect Page and I'll be in touch soon!