When we reflect on the unexpected events and guidance that comes into our lives on a regular basis, these kinds of divine, mysterious experiences should truly make us think and wonder what's behind them.

One can take this simple exercise a bit further by isolating one of the major events in your life and then reconstructing the medium and minor events that helped the major one fall into place and unfold smoothly.

Whenever we ask for guidance in our lives, whether it has to do with a relationship, a job, a failing marriage, sickness, etc. the answer will come. That is guaranteed.

Look for clues, patterns and things that seem to materialize out of nowhere, but are related to your question. Look for messages that are symbolic, or the words of a song that pop up after asking God or your angels a question. Watch out for an unexpected phone call, finding an old letter or picture, actually hearing a voice in your head, a dream that is related to your question, a vision that appears in your head while meditating, are a few examples. Be alert for medium or major synchronous events that unexpectedly unfold.

Always keep in mind that, when things go smoothly and fall into place, you have most likely made the right choice and the right event has come into your life. When our decisions or efforts run into resistance or roadblocks, seriously re-examine the choices you have made or the false alarm, guiding event that has come into your life. Correct guidance is always loving and has our best interests in mind. The wrong guidance generally arouses feelings of fear or guilt.

Keeping a Journal
Working with Dreams

Basic Assumptions--

  1. Life as Teacher
  2. Life’s Purpose for Us: Everyone has a specific role but our primary purpose is growth and awakening. The reason you are here will be revealed to you when you open your heart to hearing it.
  3. Direct Experience: the Truth is found within; genuine knowledge comes through direct experience, all else are concepts and ideas
  4. Intuition as the medium for communication and guidance
  5. The meaning of coincidences and synchronicity and messages
  6. Religion and Society. All religions state basically the same thing at their core. We lose their essential message for us by our unwillingness to discover how the message resonates with the Truth within us. Society is invested in us staying asleep and not growing.
  7. Energy as the medium for healing and transformation; energy exchange and entrainment
  8. Openness and Receptivity and Listening plus Letting Go and Getting Out of the Way
  9. Following Instead of Leading and Directing. Following the energy where it wants to go.
  10. Intention and Manifestation. Everything you require and desire is available to you right here and now. It is not dependent on anything other than your willingness to ask for it and creating the space and the openness to receive it.
  11. Being in the Flow
  12. Doing comes out of Being. Effortless Living. The Art of Non-Doing. We waste a lot of time trying to make things happen rather than let them happen through us. We are not the doer. Life happens through us is we get out of the way.
  13. Healing of Personal History
  14. How Emotions affect the Physical
  15. Slowing Down and Listening
  16. Changing the way you see. All is not as it seems: perception determines Reality
  17. Embracing and Welcoming Change. Non-Resistance. Staying Vulnerable
  18. Problems and Crisis as Opportunities for Growth
  19. The Bigger Picture or the Highest Good
  20. Gifts and Abilities that Transcend Space and Time
  21. Miracles as an Everyday Occurrence
  22. The Power of Thoughts and Attention
  23. Acceptance of What Is As Is. Life is what it is. It is only our judgment that it is good or bad that limits it.
  24. The Dance of Forgetting and Remembering.  Detours. Traps. Pitfalls. Expectations. Assumptions. Agendas. Controlling Others. Stealing Energy. Attachment. Clinging. Dependency. Addiction. Fear.
  25. Conflict is nothing more than a misperception of the Truth Release judgment Meet people where they are. Be open to everything life has to offer. You will receive what you are seeking this way. It is in fact, the only way anything authentic comes to you.
  26. Aloneness. Togetherness. Relationships as Mirrors. The trap of depending on another. Fear of being alone. No one is alone but the journey is done alone. Cannot depend on any one person, place or thing to source for you. Sharing Your Experience—no convincing or preaching or trying to force another to see your point of view.
  27. Communion and Entrainment/Fellowship and Witnessing. Being in the same thought world as others.
  28. Living Your Truth and Trusting Life to Guide you and Take Care of You Always We are the only obstacle in the way of our good. Giving up anything that stops your growth.
  29. Magic and Inspiration. Life becomes magical when you are open to following its lead and become its student.
  30. Life as a Journey. No arriving only becoming and discovering. Birth, Death and Rebirth. Living in the moment.