I love helping others align themselves with their highest vision of themselves (whatever brings them their highest joy), but more than that, I believe the deep connection with a tribe or community is essential to a healthy, creative and joyful life. I've always been inspired to put together grassroots events related either to performing (open mics), networking or pure inspiration.

Community building is something I plan to take to another level, because I believe the way we are living is not healthy for humans or the planet and the creatures we co-habitate with. Living in a community that reduces our expense and carbon footprint AND enhances our lives with friendship, partnerships, collaboration, connection and shared resources seems to create a win-win for all concerned.

I'll be exploring this more on this site as it evolves.

In the meantime, I've gathered together an awesome assortment of fun and inspirational goodies about community-building organized into four bundles just for YOU! 

Have fun and please feel free to share your own inspired ideas with me!