I'm a writer and have spent the better part of thirty years expressing myself with words in many different formats including poetry, fiction, memoir, personal essays, articles and most recently, plays and screenplays. My interest in writing, however, goes beyond my own writing. I started my first writers group in 1989 and I've been facilitating writers groups, teaching writing classes and workshops and coaching writers ever since. I LOVE helping others with their creative process!

In 2011, I expanded beyond focusing on writers and for a year and a half I ran a Meetup group called Creative Alchemy. The group focus was on ALL types of creativity and each member gave as much as they received and over time, it became a true community of kindred spirits.

This area contains an awesome assortment of fun and inspirational goodies about creativity and the creative process. organized into four bundles just for YOU! The content will evolve and change over time. 

Have fun and please feel free to share your own inspired ideas with me!