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Mini 90-Minute Coaching Sessions

Are you serious about self-exploration? 

Coaching is a sacred journey that gives you permission to turn within and ask big questions.

  • You learn to honor yourself and tune into what resonates with your heart rather than the stories and expectations of the external world.

  • You learn to attune yourself to your unique rhythm so that you can make decisions that align with that. This will ultimately bring you great peace, though it may take time to remove yourself from the deep grooves of old habits and patterns. is to

  • It will bring you into a powerful alignment with your essence or core values. Nothing else will really allow you to flow. Life feels jumbled up and chaotic until you’re able to find the sweet spot that is uniquely yours. This sweet spot is where you hear and heed the call of your heart, it is where your intuition, your Muse and the Divine speak to you. This is your true home.

This is the focus of our work together. 

My work with you is not merely about relieving pain and feeling good, but about helping you return to your truth and supporting you to embody it and express it fully with confidence. I’m there holding space for you through the resistance, the challenges, the distractions, the doubt and frustration. With big bundles of love and encouragement, I hold you to your commitment to yourself and make sure you get there. All that is required is that you care enough about yourself to follow through.

I got so much out of Soul Whispers. The sessions were always so motivating and insightful. I felt really supported and encouraged, and Victoria’s insight and wisdom was always spot on. The recaps are just wonderful, and I can keep going over the things I’ve learned, and incorporate them in greater and greater depth into my life. I’ve discovered new tools, resources and ways of being that are making my life so much deeper and more rewarding. Realising that what I feel pulled towards is not a mistake, or to be suppressed or resisted, but to be listened to, feels like such a joyful and authentic way to live. Trusting in my own knowing is such a turnaround for me – it’s given me a deep feeling of being ok in the world.
— Jan. F., Sydney, Australia

Am I the right coach for you?

If you work with me you will receive the benefits of over forty years of inquiry and inner exploration as well as outer practices and teachings. My work is embodied and deep. I do who I am and live what I share with others. It isn’t based on cookie-cutter training or certification programs, with its small range of repurposed tools and techniques, but rather it’s based on intuitive guidance, which tunes directly into what’s needed specifically for you.

When we work together, I create a sacred container in which I hold space for your Highest Good and Highest Joy. I listen to your heart, read your field and respond accordingly to what arises in the moment. The process is alive and dynamic, not formulaic and dead. We are actually embarking on a journey together and what we do together is determined by all of the elements we encounter along the way. Everything is fresh and new, but also rooted in the core intentions of our destination. This destination is our map that tells us where we want to go.

The deep dive we do is possible because you have a partner who knows how to navigate the unknown and also how to find the hidden treasure there. Timing and pacing are important because if you go too fast, you’ll get overwhelmed and want to turn back and if you go too slowly, you’ll lose momentum and motivation. Not working in extremes is also important. There is a whole range of possibilities in the middle of every choice point. I make sure that we explore and consider those options before moving forward. Your tolerance for risk and discomfort are also factored in so that we can determine the size and quantity you’ll take. We also tune into what comes up in your external world and adjust our progress accordingly. Our work together is customized to fit your personality, circumstances, needs, level of commitment and so forth. The design is determined by you.

The end game here is about you being youyou doing who you are and you serving others exactly as you are—nothing more, nothing less. You can finally live your life from this authentic place, the place you were meant for all along. You have permission to love yourself exactly as you are and ultimately invite others to do the same. Your inner radiance will shine so brightly, that those around you will wonder what has happened. You will naturally want the same good fortune to befall them, so you will share your magical journey and perhaps even decide to help them find themselves as well.

When I began working with Victoria in April 2015, I was a hysterical mess. I was living with a gambling addict, in severe pain, and working at a dead-end job. After having weekly coaching sessions with Victoria, I have had many shifts in my life, and positive resources and opportunities keep showing up.

Victoria’s, Get It Done Sessions, which allow me to work with her directly on my projects or on specific issues I’m struggling with, have been especially helpful. Just having this kind of appointment scheduled motivates me to complete nearly all I need to do before we even begin our session. Victoria is also a great sounding board. She helps me reflect on my choices and make more sound decisions. In addition, her Recap emails are a fantastic reminder of what we have talked about, plus they have the added bonus of great resources I can utilize for my projects or for self-care.

What has showed up for me so far: Louise Hay’s, You Can Heal Your Life class, The Whole30 nutritional reset program, a recommitment to exercise regularly and lots of tips, tools and resources for creating a new business for myself. I have also removed the stresses from my home, and now live alone. My attitude has shifted as well as the ability to get more done. Victoria continues to assist me in putting all the building blocks in place for me to achieve the goals I’ve set when I turn 50 less than three years from now! I am supremely grateful to be working with her and look forward to more.
— Luci, D, Suquamish, WA

Ready to begin?

You can either take advantage of one of my themed packages or we can work together free form. Due to my wonderfully full and busy life, I only offer a limited number of coaching packages per year, so if interested, contact me soon so I can get you scheduled in! 

I would LOVE nothing more than to accompany you on this journey. Flexible payment plans available...head on over to my Connect Page and let's set up a plan that works! 

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