In order to truly create something original and sustainable, we need to put the bucket into the well of the collective and see what wants to emerge through our unique instrument. No human form is alike, each is tuned to a very specific vibration and therefore, whatever is created through that particular form or instrument cannot help but be unique as well. The only reason for it to not be original is when a human imitates another human and claims it as his/her own. This arises due to a fear of the unknown or an inability to tap into the well of the collective that lives inside of each of us.

All spiritual and creative paths require the same thing: access to the universal or collective consciousness through which all creation arises. True, we can create with our intellect or minds, but it will be limited and not unique or satisfying or long lasting since its source is drawn from the world of appearances and as that world is illusory, it won’t offer much more than a temporary glimpse into the mind of the creator. To create something that lasts, one must connect with and align oneself with the ALL or Isness through which all is made manifest, and from within that partnership, the new arises. Without that connection, all that is possible is a rehashing of the old.

Life gifts us with an access point inside of us through which we can stay connected with our Higher Self (which is really our connection with the Oneness of life). To reach the access point, we must be willing to cultivate an environment of receptivity, which includes silence, discernment and follow through. In other words, we must meet the Muse or Higher Self halfway and demonstrate our commitment. We do this by having a daily practice at the very least, until it becomes second nature. Then we absolutely must follow through on the inner direction we received. It comes down to this: the more we use it, the stronger it gets. So we have to decide it is not only the best way to be in the world, but the ONLY way.