Phoenix Rising Package (9 sessions)

Are you in the midst of a major life transition? Do the challenges sometimes seem overwhelming?

Transitions are often a time when the known in our lives changes so drastically and so fast that it feels as though it's been burned down. The image of the phoenix rising from the ashes of what's been changed or lost can be daunting, but with guidance, support, encouragement, tools and resources, it's not only possible but it can open one's entire life to a new way of being. What emerges from those ashes is a more resilient, more alive person than before.

Working with me you CAN learn how to transform these challenges into catalysts and utilize the energy to propel you forward into a new more powerful way of being. Step by step, we will move through the stages of transition from releasing the past to finding ways to live in the moment to creating a new vision for the future. 

Moving with grace through transitions requires nothing short of embracing change full out, through all the stages, observing it, and if we’re fortunate, minimizing the costs and maximizing the benefits. We cycle through these stages many, many times, sometimes slowly and sometimes very quickly, and each time we do, we are healing various aspects of ourselves. Our movement through the different stages allows us to return the next time through with greater wisdom, strength and familiarity, making each level of healing easier to get through.

This is how life works--a cycle of experiences that keeps us growing and expanding and in the midst of it all, we help each other along the way. The revolution that change invites is powerful if we use it in that way. It is a rare opportunity to start again and take a leap of faith into the unknown. Often the times we feel most alive are during a transition when our capacity is being stretched and tested beyond our imagination so much so that when we look back, we don’t even know how we made it through. But we did, and we are here to tell the tale, share our wisdom and insights, and rest up for next time.

The Phoenix Rising Package will help you: 

  • Explore the stages of major life transitions

  • Learn strategies to help you navigate life's changes 

  • Find and trust your unique voice

  • Tune into what your heart needs

  • Gift yourself with the space to heal and to just be

  • Honor and embrace yourself where you are

  • Envision a pathway forward

  • Move through negative self-talk and obstacles that arise

  • Gather resources to empower your next steps

  • Plus more! 

The package includes:

  • One 90-minute Discovery session

  • Seven 60-minute sessions 

  • One 90-minute Breakthrough session

  • Nine email recaps following each session

  • Nine email check-ins between sessions

There are a total of 9 sessions which take place over a three month period.

Cost: $995

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