Real mystics and real artists are exactly the same. Both directly access and encounter the Divine. Many people claim to be artists who really are simply creative. Art is entertainment, an escape from boredom or a way to prove the validity of their existence. Real art requires immersion with the unconscious realm of the Divine, and encounter that allows one access to the infinite. As with the mystic, this encounter with the inner realms can be terrifying because it is a world without limits…. it is endless and vast and full of experiences beyond our 3-D world. This way of bringing forth art isn’t for the faint of heart any more than the mystical path is. Rather, it takes courage and cultivation and strengthening of the heart so that it can withstand the submersion in the depths of intense love and beauty.

Authentic art and mysticism are not at all about one's identity. In fact, artists and mystics don’t care much for the trappings of this world, except, as they are necessary to use to be here. Beyond that, they know there is no lasting satisfaction in the world of things and identity. The real juice of life bubbles up from within like a spring of fresh, unadulterated water flowing directly from Source, energizing and refreshing its recipient.

There is no substitute for this. All superficial joy pales in comparison to the bliss of connecting with the Eternal Substance of Life and feeling inspired to share that connection in a form that can be received by others. This dance with the Divine not only brings joy to the mystic and the artist, but also to the Creator. We as instruments of the Divine are needed just as an artist needs paint and canvas or a musician needs strings. So the expression and the love goes both ways and it is this exchange that artists and mystics live for. It is the meeting where the ecstatic takes place and where the small self disappears in union with the ALL.