Life is like riding a dragon. In order to hang on, you have to listen to your intuition and also listen to what life is telling you at every turn. The winds of change can sweep you along and requiring that you tune into the present moment to make sure you don’t get lost or caught up in a cross wind. Obstacles sometimes exist to stop us from proceeding. Sometimes a credit card won’t go through. Other times traffic makes you take another direction. Or a piece of furniture you think you want to buy simply doesn’t fit and there’s no easy alternative to getting it home. When this stuff happens as it did today, it has a “wasn’t meant to be” or a “not now” feel to it which usually means wait or delay or that perhaps something better is coming. It is been happening a lot around money and purchases, almost helping me to not pay full price for something or wait until I have a coupon or something’s on sale. It sometimes means to not buy something at all or yet. I’ve noticed that I only spend money when I feel a sense of “yes” around the purchase. I don’t like shopping, so the yes feeling is a feeling of being even open to the possibility of engaging in the purchase process whether used or new. I make most decisions this way—I wait until I feel a “yes” feeling in my solar plexus. It’s kind of a nudge or a feeling of that chakra being open. When it’s closed, I feel tired or blocked or disinterested in some way. I cannot imagine making decisions any other way.

I do the same thing with work. I engage with a project when I feel the opening. Otherwise, it ends up being a struggle and a strain. When I feel the “yes” feeling, there is a flow and the work usually goes very fast and it pretty effortless. I am simply a conduit for the work. If I don’t feel the opening, I end up trying to do the work and it feels forced and inferior as if I’ve dragged my muse out of hiding and make her perform. She’s none too happy when I pull that, so I tend to wait for the opening so I can get her cooperation. Without her help, I’m pretty much sunk, with only a fraction of dry talent to draw on, and the whole thing ends up leaving me pretty drained. With her help, I can sail through a project and not even feel as though I did a thing. It’s all a bit mysterious and odd because it’s not spoken about much by anyone. I just happen to have observed my own process enough to have seen it in action.

The riding the dragon part is a good name because life feels more and more that way—a bit more untamed with each passing moment, requiring a high level of mastery and fluidity than even the day before. Challenges come on to knock you off the dragon or distract you so you fall off and the key is to hang onto what matters, to tune into the energy and intensity of the dragon so that it will become your ally and take you to new heights and depths of experience, so that you can soar through the heavens together.