Phoenix Rising Coaching Package

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Phoenix Rising Coaching Package


The Phoenix Rising Package is ideal for you if you're in the midst of a major life transition and you'd like some help navigating the ups and downs. I can listen, hold the space and offer you resources, strategies and tools to smooth out some of the rougher parts of this shift. Consider it a gift of self-care that you give to yourself. A special time that's just for you!

There are a total of 9 sessions:

  • One 90-minute Discovery session
  • Seven 60-minute sessions for each of the 7 Stages of Transition
  • One 90-minute Breakthrough session
  • 9 email re-caps that summarize all the session.
  • 9 email check-ins between sessions.
  • Homework to complete between sessions.
  • Lots of resources!

There are three sessions per month which take place over a three month period.

Flexible payment plans are available. Send me an email through my Connect Page for more information.

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