Sort It Out

What if you could untangle a mess, sort through a problem and create a strategy in only 90 minutes?

Now you can with my Sort It Out Coaching Session!

Using a unique blend of Socratic questioning (in which each question arises from the previous answer), life coaching and traditional brainstorming techniques I can help you solve a problem, make a decision, take action on an idea, etc., in an hour and a half. Not only do I promise you will see your situation from a completely new perspective, but you will also have a strategy in hand and the tools to move forward with confidence.

Sort it Out Photo.jpeg


  • Confusion is replaced by clarity
  • Anxiety is replaced by calm
  • What appeared overwhelming becomes doable
  • Decision making becomes easier
  • The situation is put into perspective
  • You feel seen and heard
  • You know you're not alone

The Sort It Out session is a great way to untangle and declutter a situation so that you can arrive at a place of clarity and calm. From there the steps forward become easier and more straightforward. Life appears simple again. Sometimes we simply needed to talk it out, be listened to for the confusion to fade and the fog to life.

Session with Email Recap: $125  Includes a summary of session, exercises/strategies and resources (sent within 24 - 48 hours).