We are not meant to live alone. We are here to relate with others. It is only through relationships that we learn; it is only through relationships that we learn who we are. The world is a community. Unfortunately, ego consciousness has fragmented this community into boxes of isolated people and families, tearing away at the very fabric of the inter-relatedness and interdependence found within a community. Something about the values and ways of being that threaten the profit model of the world today. Perhaps it is the ability that a community has to be a catalyst for transformation and healing that is so threatening. The gathering together of people creates a consciousness that is greater than the individuals who create the group and it is that something greater that has the power to tap into the deeper mysteries of the unknown and unseen world and bring those mysteries into the light to be used as medicine and wisdom for healing. There is nothing greater than the power of a group or community of people to create a shift in consciousness. Groups create containers through which the collective can be seen and heard in ways not possible to the individual. Yes, individuals can tap into this inner awareness and wisdom, but somehow having a group of people witness it and validate it makes it more real and helps it stick more with the individuals who are ready to receive those gifts.

The level of alchemy that happens in groups can be astounding and the energy and transformative power can be used for good or evil depending on the intentions of those who gather together. Occultists have known about this power for thousands of years and have often used it to gain power over people or circumstances. In this form, groups can be turned into a dangerous weapon. However, with a sacred intention to serve the Highest Good, groups can elevate the consciousness not only of all of its members, but also anyone who is connected with those groups.

Isolation weakens individuals in a number of ways. When alone with their own thoughts, many people get lost or stuck in mental spins and trapped in mental mazes with no way out, because there is no one to interrupt the pattern. So they go around in the same circles of repetitive thought and begin to get settled or fixed in specific beliefs and ideologies. These beliefs turn rigid and harden and people become inflexible.

It is through being open to others that we stay flexible and receptive to new ideas and ways of being. Seeing what’s possible with others mirrors that back to us and plants the seed so that it can take root inside of us. Without others we are blind. Without others we are deaf. Without others, we are cut off. We need others to show us what we cannot see, hear or feel. Beyond that, there are the gifts of wisdom gained through experiences that people share, offering us a glimpse into the unknown and making it familiar. Stories heal. Stories teach. Stories remind us of who we are. Groups create a container for all of these things and offer them up as medicine for healing, as inspiration for growth.