Join us as we create a sacred space to explore esoteric technologies and inner realms. We will connect in the spirit of authenticity and Truth and create a community of mutual support.

This group is recommended for advanced students who have extensive experience in spiritual study and inner exploration. This means that spirituality is the main focus in your life, and that you are committed to spiritual growth and expansion above most other issues in your life. Inner work is of the utmost importance as a way to distinguish between knowledge that comes from books and outside teachers and knowledge that comes from within. This group is not based on intellectual knowledge, but rather what each member has learned through direct experience. As a group, we will be exploring issues that are connected with that and all members of the group will function as both teachers and students as the needs and the topic require.

Topics include:

  • The Inner Mystic
  • Behind the Mask
  • Living by Intuition
  • Why Am I Here? 
  • The Dance of Energy
  • Life is But a Dream
  • Money Madness
  • Death & Rebirth
  • The Silent Ego
  • Sincerity