A woman who attended one of my 6-week coaching groups told our group how she used to host a themed potluck at her house once a month. She enjoyed sharing meals with other women and thought it would be fun to pick a different theme each month to give the experience more variety and make it more fun. Here are some ideas for different themes...

  1. Around the World Theme - Pick a different country or region of the world each month and each person brings a dish that is native to that part of the world.
  2. Around the Country Theme - Pick a different state in the US each month and each person brings a dish that represents the food of that state.
  3. Seasonal Theme - For each season, prepare the foods that are associated with that season.
  4. Historical Theme - Pick different time periods in history and each month prepare foods that are connected with that time in history.
  5. Famous Chef Theme - Prepare dishes from cookbooks of well-known chefs each month.

The possibilities are endless and can include a literary theme, a high tea theme, a favorite dish theme, a childhood memory theme and so on. The point is to build a community around preparing and sharing food and conversation with a group of people you enjoy. Community meals may lead to friendships, networking, sharing of resources and of course a delicious meal!