1. Set a timer and commit to working for that amount of time. Make it as short as you have to so that you feel comfortable with that creative space. Expand it a little bit each time you sit down to work on a creative project.
  2. Make appointments to work together with a creative friend. When you commit to showing up, it makes it more difficult to back down from the commitment.
  3. Change your environment. Sometimes our environment is not conducive to creative work because of too many distractions or negative energy. Working in a positive environment can help to fuel a creative project.
  4. Join a creative group or take a class. Being part of a group helps us to be more accountable and gives us support when we're feeling stuck.
  5. Enter a contest, apply for a residency or grant or pick a market where you want to submit your work. Having a deadline can help motivate us to make a commitment to completing a project.