Share More

  1. Donate to the Goodwill or other non-profit thrift store.
  2. Organize a clothing swap.
  3. List your belongings on the Free section of craigslist or freecycle.
  4. Keep warm clothes and blankets in your car to give to the homeless.
  5. Post a notice on Facebook to your local friends that you have stuff to give away.
  6. Start a gifting circle in your community.
  7. Instead of paying money for goods and services, barter with your own goods and services.

Spend Less

  1. Consider repairing broken items instead of replacing them.
  2. If in need of an expensive new item, ask friends, family and neighbors if they have that one and are willing to sell it to you.
  3. Check craigslist, freecycle and other sites for low cost or free items.
  4. Check yard sales and flea markets for used items in good condition.
  5. Shop at non-profit thrift stores in your community, since this has the added benefit supporting those in need.
  6. At the end of the month, residents moving our of large apartment complexes often unnecessarily throw perfectly good items away because they don't want to move it.  It's a great way to find many household items.
  7. Bakeries and cafes sell day-old baked goods at a huge discount. Stock up and freeze them for later consumption.