1. Use a sage wand and a large open shell (to collect the ashes) and gently move throughout all corners of the space setting the intention to clear all negative energy out. Use whatever prayers or affirmations resonate. You can also use a sage spray made from sage essential oil and distilled water.
  2. Play Gregorian Chants or classical music since this quickly changes the vibrations in a room from frenetic to calm and orderly.
  3. Do a visualization seeing all darkness and negativity moving out of the space into the sun and then a bubble of protection around the space.
  4. Singing sacred chants, prayers or mantras elevate the vibrations in a space.
  5. Remove clutter and clean the space from top to bottom will also move stagnent or dark energy, along with opening windows and doors and airing out closets, shaking out or cleaning rugs and upholstery, washing windows, wiping down walls, etc. 
  6. Lighting candles and turning off bright lights can create a shift in energy as well.
  7. Praying and meditating regularly in the space elevates vibrations.
  8. Fresh flowers and plants add the energy of nature to the room, and the plants add oxygen.