I have arthritis in my hands making it difficult for me to do certain tasks, including pulling weeds. A few years ago, I was living in a sublet in Seattle and the family was returning from their sabbatical overseas, and I needed to get the yard in good shape. Not wanting to pay a landscaping company to do it, I decided to have a yard work party. I contacted a bunch of my friends and told them if they would help me weed and trim my yard, I would make Margaritas and Mexican food and serve it to them. They loved the idea and agreed to help! Not only did they do an amazing job making the place look gorgeous, but we all had a blast!

I learned that when we need to get something done, we don't always have to suffer through it alone nor do we have to pay lots of money for someone else to do it. Sometimes there's a perfectly good solution that builds community and creates a positive experience for everyone!

Perhaps Tom Sawyer had it right when he made painting a fence look so inviting, everyone wanted to do it. Here's a link to the story in case you've forgotten it.