Have it Your Way - A La Carte Coaching

When you're not ready to commit to a specific package or if you don't want to limit yourself to one area of focus, you can simply schedule coaching by the session. A la carte coaching gives you the freedom and flexibility to schedule as many sessions as you need, focus on what needs attention most and pay as you go. Sometimes a package isn't enough and many clients opt to continue with a la carte coaching.

Sessions can be scheduled once per week or once every other week (with email check-ins during off weeks). I don't recommend spreading the sessions out longer than that unless a scheduling conflict arises. Too much time between sessions interferes with inspiration and motivation.

Sessions can be done in person (if local to Asheville), by phone and by Skype. On rare occasions, I also offer email coaching (please contact me for more information).


  • Flexibility
  • No long-term commitment
  • Pay by the session
  • Focus on what needs attention
  • You control the pace
  • Can be added on after completing a package