12 Ways To Open Your Heart

Photo by Debby Hudson

Photo by Debby Hudson

  1. Sell or give away any possessions you're not using. Anything that's taking up space in your life creates stagnation, whereas space creates a vacuum that attracts new openings and opportunities in your life.

  2. Turn off or get rid of your television. There are endless places to see, books to read, causes to support, problems to solve, friends and family to visit, creative projects to do, etc., and there is no time to waste passively watching the fruits of other people's creative efforts all the time.

  3. Become drama free. Refuse to engage in any conversation or situation that pulls you into a drama. Drama weighs you down, distracts you and keeps you busy spinning your wheels. Just say no. You'll move through life a lot lighter and cleaner with out.

  4. Spend time in silence. A quiet state of being allows you to observe, listen, breath and move more in harmony with life. It helps rejuvenate you, gives your brain a rest and helps you tune into the moment. Give yourself this gift of peace at least once a day.

  5. Pay it forward. Make a habit of giving unconditionally to others without expecting anything in return even praise for your generosity. Start seeing that part of your purpose here is to make the world a better place and that starts with service to others.

  6. Practice a daily ritual of giving thanks. At the beginning and end of each day, make a mental or written list of everything you're grateful for and really allow yourself to have the feelings of appreciation.

  7. Forgive everyone and then forgive yourself. Do a daily scan to see if there is anyone you need to forgive either because you've wronged, judged or resented them in some way. Forgive them all. When you're finished, forgive yourself.

  8. Search for innocence. Innocence opens the heart. Put yourself in any environment which allows you to come into contact with innocence. Babies, animals, creative activities, nature, music, etc., can all help us connect with an experience of life that is free, open and unguarded.

  9. Laughter. Join a laughing yoga group, spend time with funny people, watch funny movies, go to comedy shows, laugh at yourself, etc. Laughter is healing, it raises endorphins and it's contagious.

  10. Exercise. Do something you enjoy that gets you moving for at least an hour everyday. Swim, bike, walk, run, do yoga, go to a gym, take a class...whatever it takes to love your body!

  11. Eat Healthy. Eat lots and lots organic fruits and veggies every single meal, every single day, along with lots of purified water. Limit or eliminate animal protein altogether and instead drink fresh green juices and smoothies. Your body will thank you, you'll have more energy, clearer thinking and more balanced emotions.

  12. Give up control. Trying to control people and situations never works. It causes stress and creates conflicts. Surrender to what is and tune into the highest good for the moment (usually win-win for everyone). Step into the flow rather than trying to direct the river.