Silent Listening


It's been two months since I've written here. It's not because I have nothing to say, but because life has been so FULL, that I've been silently observing and listening as things unfold. The pace has been brisk and intense as it has been for many of you. Both my inner and external worlds are experiencing radical shifts such that my entire life is unrecognizable from what it had previously been. It's a little awkward as I do my best to integrate the many changes that have occurred since I landed in Asheville.

It's a new moon today. The old habits, beliefs and ways of doing things are falling away. The veils are dropping. There is no turning back.

On an individual and collective level, we are being called to reflect upon, forgive, atone and release all that is holding us back and no longer serving us.

We are to integrate the shadow stuff that is emerging, so that we can create new pathways of seeing and being in the world. We can no longer afford to be blind, ignorant or passive to what is needed for our own inner well being and the well being of our Beloved Mother.

Each and every day, the birds sing loudly even before the sun rises. They greet the day with bold optimism, reminding the world to wake up and embrace what is. I love waking up to their songs.

My sweet little apartment is above a garage in a quiet neighborhood. It had windows on all sides and I'm surrounded by trees of every shape and size. I feel as though I'm living in a tree house, a sanctuary up above the daily movements and interactions on the ground. I'm up at bird level, viewing everything through a broader lens. Even though I'm in the city limits, within walking distance of local amenities, I feel removed and protected on my small perch.

It is here that I recharge my battery from the demands of life. You see, having left the nomadic life in which I had practically no expenses and loads of time, I've re-entered the domain of living by the clock, anchored by chores and bills. Five months in, I'm still adjusting. More than that, I'm wondering how as a culture we got here, how we ever agreed to give up so much of our precious life hours for a paycheck. it baffles me greatly, as do many things: our medical system, our education system, our prison system and the nuclear family to name a few. All of these paradigms, not only seem completely outdated, they are counterintuitive at every level and are NOT compatible with our well being as humans or with our sacred earth home. 

Perhaps this is why I have been so quiet of late. Once you step off the merry-go-round for an extended period of time, it is quite a shock to step back on. The spinning in circles has rendered me mute for months. Not to mention that I've had very little time for my creative projects. 

What's bubbled up from all of this, is that I feeling an inner nudge to contribute to shifting the paradigms, but don't quite have the clarity how. My motivation is strong because I really get how tough it is to make a living these days and why so many are stuck in jobs that isn't heart-centered or life-affirming or aligned with one's purpose.

Perhaps that is why my journey took me view these old paradigms from the inside rather than from the viewpoint of a fringe dweller.

Now that I've experienced both extremes, I'm certain there's a better way, and it lies somewhere in the middle. A healthy revolution is not about destroying everything and starting over, but transforming what is into what it can be, shifting what no longer serves us into what does. We can honor what has gotten us this far without blame or shame, and then use it to catalyze something better.

Life is bursting with potential. But there's no time to delay.

You are needed. I am needed. The urgency to make significant shifts individually and collectively is upon us. 

Listen to your heart. What is it really telling you? What are you being called out to do?  What would it take to really step into your truth and embody it fully? What would that look like? Where is the tribe that can help you do that?

These are the questions that are arising in the midst of my own silent listening. What questions are arising for you?