7 Ways to Transform Your Day & Your Life

Photo by Robert Lukeman

Photo by Robert Lukeman

Here are some tidbits of wisdom I've picked up here and there on my journey through life. They're simple, yet powerful and when actually applied, they open pathways to joy and a feeling that life is magical. May you find a seed here to plant in your own inner garden.

  1. Each day ask yourself upon arising ask yourself, "What do I want today?" Many of us go through the day reacting to other people's agendas and fulfilling others' needs and requests, often putting ourselves last. If you make space for yourself in the day when you first wake up, you'll make sure that you don't forget that your needs are as important as the needs of those around you.

  2. Each day also ask yourself, "Who can I help today?" This too is a nourishing way to begin the day, opening the heart and tuning into the well being of someone who might be forgotten in the day-to-day running around. It could be a phone call to a friend, a visit with a neighbor, a smile at the check-out line at the grocery, a blanket for a homeless person.

  3. Spend five minutes or longer connecting with nature. Breathe in the fresh air on your deck. Watch the birds in your bird feeder. Take a walk in a nearby park. Tend to your indoor plants. Hug or lean against a tree. Walk barefoot in the dew. Tap into the innocence there and your heart will gently open and be ready to receive the blessings of the day.

  4. Meditate for 20 - 30 minutes in the morning and evening. Use a guided meditation from an online source or a CD from the local library. Or tune into your favorite peaceful music on Pandora. Just let yourself go. At first, the mind may resist, but once you do this enough times, it will calm down and you can just quietly observe the thoughts floating by.

  5. Move your body and get your heart beating. Exercise is like an internal shower for the body. Most of us shower every day on the outside of our body, but may get busy and forget to shower on the inside. Movement that makes your heart beat faster, isn't just good for your health, it elevates your hormones which lifts your mood and makes the world looks like a happier, more benign place

  6. Ask a loved one "What would make you feel loved right now?" This obvious, yet simple question is rarely, if ever, asked. Instead, we either assume we already know or we stop thinking this way except on birthdays and special occasions. Imagine the difference if this became a regular part of our communication with our loved ones, especially when we notice they're having a rough time.

  7. Say to a loved one, "Do you know what would make me feel loved right now?" Then tell them. Speak your truth. Be authentic. Practice honesty. Say yes when you want to say yes and no when you want to say no. Tell others what you need and why. Set boundaries with a gentle mix of firmness and kindness. Don't hide your light or your needs. Live your life as if you matter. Imagine the shift that can come from just that!