9 Ways to Catalyze Your Spiritual Life

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Below is a brief list that touches on ways to put some energy into your path. This is especially helpful if you're feeling down or flat. Hope you find some ignition fluid here.

  1. Say yes to those people, places, things and activities that FEED your soul.

  2. Be honest and clear about what YOU need; then communicate about that AND set firm loving boundaries.

  3. Do at least one thing that moves you our of your comfort zone EVERY week.

  4. Practice being silent for an entire day at least ONCE per month or if you really want to open things up, do it once per WEEK.

  5. Only GIVE to others when its authentic and you're bubbling over with such abundance that giving is the next right thing to do.

  6. Write hand written letters or postcards to your BELOVEDS letting them KNOW how much they matter to you.

  7. Put yourself around people or animals in real NEED and offer your support; then watch how this shifts your perspective.

  8. READ something heart opening, soul-nourishing and out-of-the-box inspiring every morning if only for 15 minutes, but preferably longer.

  9. Know that you are MORE than your story and your real capacity is far beyond what you can imagine; take this to heart and let that seed grow.