Photo by Artem Kovalev

Photo by Artem Kovalev

Life is all about the choices we make. Each one leads to a different outcome. The ones we don’t make also lead to a specific outcome, which remains unknown. Time is everything in the process and if there is stress or strain or struggle, it’s an indication that perhaps the timing isn’t right or the people involved or the location or the skill set. When the timing is right, those other things are taken care of as well. Things seem to “fall into place” with effortlessness and ease, and a feeling of grace permeates the whole thing.

Better to wait until Divine timing opens up than to force a project or task.

I feel less overwhelmed and more able to trust, remembering that there is an intelligence and Divine order at work. Imagine how much time is wasted when people push something forward that would be better left untouched until the flow opened up. Listening and tuning into the inner wisdom and intuitive guidance handles all worry and fear and confusion. Nothing is done before it’s time and life comes through with helpers making the way easy.

Over thinking is what causes stress along with doing against the tide, pushing the river rather than turning around and riding the waves or flowing downstream with the current. This surrender eliminates a feeling that one isn’t moving fast enough or working hard enough; it eliminates feelings of doubt and comparison with others and judging ourselves and our work or talent as inferior.

Each of us has a piece of the puzzle and each piece is needed equally.

No one has an advantage or upper hand, even if they appear to due to having more resources or other benefits. Some of the best stuff has come from those who have practically no resources and their work is “discovered” by someone who does. The point is to listen and do your part and leave the magic to the Creator. After all, this is your true boss--the one you’re working for and the one that has access to ALL the resources anyway.

The key to the magic of life is to trust implicitly that if you do your part, you’ll be taken care of.  Just keep moving and doing what you do, master your skills, enjoy the process without thinking about how this is all going to turn out. When you listen and stay present to what is, you will be led to meet people who can help you, people who can answer your questions and who can help you with next steps. Any challenges along the way are there to uncover weaknesses and help you build character; make you stronger and prepare you for what’s ahead.

Every day begins this process anew and you really don’t know who or what is going to show up and impact your choices. This is what makes it all so exciting—the unknown and the uncertainty of it all.

Curiosity keeps life fresh and exciting. Quiet anticipation of what’s next opens us up to what lies around the corner or over the next hill. We think we know what will happen, but we never do, because we cannot factor in all the unknown possibilities that will present themselves; we cannot know what choices we’ll want to make in the future. We can only know what is happening right now. That’s a huge blessing if we can only recognize it as such.

The present is where it all happens anyway.