The Enormity of the Possible

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

I’ve been profoundly tested lately. Each moment there is an opportunity to make a choice for my soul’s evolution, not in a small-scale way, but in a big picture way. In the past, I made a number of choices in my life that seriously hindered and compromised the expression of my true calling or purpose . As a result, the past fifteen years has been a game of catch-up in which I’ve experienced an accelerated series of lessons and huge downloads of information. It’s almost as if once the universe realized I was finally ready to receive, the floodgates opened and it hasn’t stopped since.

Lately, I’ve been refining that purpose far more than ever before. The more I embrace it and honor it with my attention, the more life responds by opening doors and sending people and resources my way—life is saying “Yes!” to me. This transforms the ordinary, day-to-day routine into a magical, wondrous playground. Life becomes more childlike.

But let me say this: to get here takes guts and courage, trust and faith and a willingness to fully let go, surrender and let the Creator lead. This is NOT about playing it safe or comfortable, but living on the thinnest branches and demonstrating that you’re all in, willing to serve and be used as an instrument for the Divine.

What’s really cool about this is that the very best thing you can do in life is to be yourself and nothing else. This is why we feel so bad and so lost when we opt for comfort and security, because we know we’re not only selling ourselves out, but we’re also selling out our Higher Purpose for being here.

It’s as though we received these beautiful gifts, but instead of enjoying and sharing them, we buried them away in a closet or trunk under the bed and forgot about them. No matter what we do or how we search for other forms of pleasure and joy, we will never find it without those gifts.

We came here to give, not to take and consume. Our true nature is to share ourselves and receive others’ gifts as they, too, want to share. But for many, that has been usurped by our industrial era, money-focused society which has captured many people and turned them into cogs in the machine, producing products and goods, that we mostly don’t really need, cutting people off from their true source of joy.

Our current monetary system is a rigged casino with few, if any, winners. My awareness of this motivated me to design a life that was an authentic express of me, no matter how long it took or how difficult it appeared.

I must do who I am! And so must you!

Part of my game plan has been living life authentically so that I can demonstrate that it can be done. Along with that, I want to go further and create the means for people to utilize their gifts so they can have a quicker path to freedom than I did. In an ideal world I would create communities all over the world that offer a lifestyle that utilizes people’s nature gifts, helps them heals their wounds, sustains them, supports them, connects them and fulfills them. I see it as an educational, live-work, community with cottage industries, creative studios, healing rooms, meeting rooms, gardens, a community kitchen, dining hall/lodge, living quarters, etc.

Sounds pie-in-the-sky? Perhaps, but I see it as the way we were intended to live. We are tribal interdependent beings at heart, not meant to be so fiercely competitive and cut off from each other. Strip away the financial pressures that require us to work many hours just for the basic necessities, and human beings would have the time and space to explore, create, connect and thrive in ways we probably cannot even imagine. Yes, we’d have to undo all of our old survival programming, but the relief would be extraordinary and so would the joy.

I truly believe that our natural state is quite different than what we assume it to be. Thankfully, many people are working diligently to help us return to that state. That thought brings me great peace.