Holding the Space

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

Holding the space is a sacred act that infuses a situation with the energy of creative possibility. Doing so creates spaciousness so there's room to breathe and tune into the highest good in the moment. 

Holding the space means releasing expectations.

Holding the space means leaving behind old fears.

Holding the space means listening and tuning in.

Holding the space means being unattached.

Holding the space means having no agenda or need to control.

Holding the space is an opportunity to see the highest vision of a situation or circumstance. If you hold the space for friends or family when they have an important job interview, surgery, meeting with a prospective client or first date, you're energetically aligning with the highest outcome for them.

I consider it a powerful form of prayer, only instead of praying to something greater in an abstract way. you're tapping directly into Source through conscious alignment with another. Holding the space takes you out of the small space of your little personality, your little self and drops you more into your true nature which is LOVE.

Love opens when our small, personal concerns fall away and we become channels for conscious awareness to move through us. This is what we experience when we open our hearts on behalf of another.

Holding the space is a powerful opener to love; it's so powerful, in fact, the person on the receiving end might even sense our presence energetically as they move into the experience.

Beyond that, it's quite astounding to notice what happens when we give our problems enough space so that the universe (or God) can interfere and turn things around. Have you ever struggled with a situation until you were exhausted and then right as you're about to give up, something happens and things turn around in an unexpected way (that's usually perfect)? Upon reflection you see that you didn't even need to struggle at all. You only needed to drop down into a place of surrender and trust.

Try it sometime.  When life challenges you, simply put lots of space there and see what unfolds...of course, take steps forward, but hold it so lightly that it's not a burden at all.

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