Letting Life Lead

Photo by Holly Manderish

Photo by Holly Manderish

Life is full of surprises.

Even though we assume we know what's going to unfold in the next minute, hour, day or week--the truth is, we don't. It's just easier to function by acting as though we do.

Surrendering to the mystery makes us more flexible and open to the direction life is flowing. Trusting in a Greater Intelligence, even if we're feeling hesitant or resistant, ultimately leads to what is best for our Soul's evolution. That doesn't mean it will be easy or free of pain. However, it will contain many lessons and gifts.

Change, when we're unprepared can be shocking, jolting us out of the cozy comfort zone of what we were expecting to happen.

"Not meant to be," people say when life abruptly pushes them in a new direction. There is simply no benefit to fighting what is. From the big picture viewpoint of evolution, everything is fodder for our learning and growth.

Most of us are not accustomed to letting life lead. Often we get to that place kicking and screaming or by discovering that our ideas aren't working.  Having preferences is fine, but being ATTACHED to those preferences can get us in heaps of trouble. You know that feeling of hitting wrong turn after wrong turn, obstacle after obstacle, dead end after dead end, until you're exhausted.

Tapping into the Grand Design via intuition can help us get into a flow with life. Life is beautifully intelligent and knows exactly what we need. Our problem is that we don't listen because we're lousy at following. We have our own ideas about what's best for us. However, we usually have nary a clue about what's best for our evolution. Or if we do, we don't like it because it's uncomfortable or scary.

Let life lead.

Trust that it knows what's best for you. Sure voice your preferences, if you must, but also be willing to put them aside, at least for now. Timing is everything, as you know, and perhaps at some point, you may very well circle back around to those preferences. Or they may fall away only to be forgotten about altogether.

Personally, I'm getting some nudges that there will soon be some BIG changes afoot again in my life. Not all the pieces have been revealed yet, but I'm feeling the sands shifting underneath my feet.

One of my favorite ways to tell that there's going to be a shift soon is something I learned from the movie "Inception". In the movie, when the main characters were inside of the dream state, they only had a brief time to do what they came to do before they were detected, at which point the dream started to turn on them, attacking them. If I've overstayed my time in a place, things stop flowing and begin to fall apart.

What was once welcoming shifts and becomes inhospitable in certain ways.

Sometimes it's very subtle, but when you read signs the way I do, I can always feel when a situation turns, and it's time to move on. It can be very unpleasant when you ignore those early warning signs. In fact, it seems that most suffering happens precisely because we don't read the field around a person, place or situation and waltz right on into it blind.

Our preferences (likes and dislikes), fears and judgments can distort what we see and hear so that we can easily misread what's right in front of us. This is when we need to pause, step back and really listen with our hearts to what life is telling us.

Life is, and always has been, our teacher, mentor and guide. It knows what's best for our evolution.

Do yourself a favor and honor this venerable sage: let it lead.