Spiritual Nutrition


What feeds you and keeps you healthy spiritually? What nourishes you and helps keep your heart open?

If you don't have immediate answers for those questions, that's okay. They are wonderful to reflect on to see what emerges.

Staying healthy spiritually is essential for our overall well-being, and yet, it is easy to let days and weeks slip by without noticing that something's amiss. Over time, our neglect of our inner world catches up with us. For me, it usually shows up in the form of fear or a mental spin. Sometimes, I simply notice something is out of balance in my life. Chaos reigns and my energy is scattered. 

At such times, it is helpful to slow everything down, take stock and see what is calling for attention. I can usually set things right fairly quickly by doing some forest bathing. Nature helps me push the reset button. Meditation does that as well, as does writing and spending time in a creative activity.

The daily tasks of life sometimes take on such a momentum that slowing down feels counterintuitive, or at least, counterproductive. But it is actually the opposite. Getting quiet and stepping off the conveyor belt of doing, can be the most productive thing we can do. First, it is refreshing. Second, it can help us reframe. Third, it illuminates areas that are in disharmony. And finally, it helps us find and step into flow again.

When I get too far afield, I like to revisit my intentions and, if needed, correct my course. Sometimes this means recommitting to a more structured integration of the practices that really elevate my vibrations: yoga, meditation, juicing, writing, reading, being of service, deep conversations, immersion in nature, etc. Being spontaneous has its place, however, to really thrive spiritually as well as in other areas, it is better for me to consciously block out the time needed.

Spiritual health keeps the rest of the engines of life well-oiled. Our inner world is the source from which everything else emanates, so why not make it the first priority, rather than, as often happens, the last? Through experience and practice, we learn that putting the outer world first doesn't work. Making that shift takes time. Support from others on the journey helps, especially since the world doesn't really value investing in our spiritual well being.

Personally, I'm about to do some course corrections. A major move and some health issues recently illuminated some areas in my life that need attention. Adding a regular yoga practice back into my life is one correction. Making changes in my diet is another.

How about you? Are you feeling a need to make some course corrections in your life?