Tests that Strengthen

Photo by Thought Catalog

Photo by Thought Catalog

Since life is about growth, we’re often tested to see what we’re made of--it's the best way to become self-aware. When we stretch and try new things, we have a period of sorting through things and learning the lay of the land. Eventually, after we’ve made enough mistakes, we begin to find our rhythm. Our movements become more natural; our confidence increases.

Failure is an awesome teacher--it shows us exactly where we’re weak and where we need to strengthen and mature. Failure points to our vulnerability inviting us to do what it takes to explore that part of ourselves. Pain and failure are messages from life that remind us that certain areas of our lives need attention. We can either heed those messages or we can ignore them. If we choose the latter, the weakness and pain may submerge for a bit, but eventually it will return, usually with greater intensity.

Ignoring something DOES NOT always make it go away; it usually makes it worse!

Life lessons don’t like to be ignored or denied, so when they come around again, they aren’t quite as easy to take. Even then, sometimes people ignore the call to make a change or put attention on the issue that is calling for attention, not realizing that this will only make things worse later.

We often default into whatever is easiest at the time, as laziness seems to be our preferred way of being. If only we realized that if we met challenges head on the first time around, life would be much easier in the long run. Though, I must admit some of my best lessons have been the ones that hit me with the most intensity. They tend to be unforgettable, burning their way into my memory with the deepness of their cut and the power of their wisdom.

Lately though, I've been doing my best to face things during the first go round, not waiting for it to cycle back with the two by four to hit me over the head. I do regular assessments to see what needs attention or cleaning up within and in my outer life. But I'm an old dog that doesn't always like learning new tricks. Sometimes I'm just plain stubborn or over it. I just want to get away with hanging out in my old comfort zone.

Life has other ideas.

Hah! Doesn't it always?

Right when we're all snuggled into a diet or lifestyle or cozy little habit...there comes that knock on the door reminding us that it's time for a change--perhaps somethings not going well with our health or our finances or a relationship. It's SO much easier just to ignore it or pretend it will go away on it's own. But it doesn't and the knock becomes a thumping on the door, then a loud pounding and then life breaks the door down screaming,


Yes, I can hear you! I'm getting up and you have my full attention.

"Good," says Life. "It's time for a change." Then Life points toward the door waiting for us to leave our comfort zone so that we can face whatever it is that needs our attention.

Time to be stretched and tested so we can grow. No more hiding out. No more playing it safe. No we're out there huddling in the cold of the unknown rubbing our shoulders to stay warm, wondering how long this is going to take so we can bid a quick retreat.

Life has other ideas. This is for real. We've waited too long already and now there is no choice. We must step up to the challenge and engage.

This is where we get to try out our courage. This is where we get to be vulnerable. This is where we say, "Yes, okay, let 'er rip...ready or not!"

We may fall or fail, but we're in the game, we're engaged and this makes us feel alive and energized again. 

Life knows better than we do what we need. It always does and always will. So why do we resist it SO much?

Why not let go and trust?

Because it's a dance and sometimes it's a waltz and other times it's a tango.

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