Welcome to my Coaching Programs* page! I'm very excited to present these offerings because they incorporate the best of what I do (group facilitation and coaching) into integrated, themed programs. Combining inner clarity with deep connection creates magic and leads to big, juicy breakthroughs, with lots of creative inspiration and miracles along the way! Doesn't that sound irresistible? 

These programs take place in person (if you live in the Asheville, NC area) or online via Zoom. All that's needed is 7 people signed up. That happens two ways: either I gather up a group and launch one OR you can gather up a group of seven friends and I'll launch one. Either way, it will be an incredible journey that will lead to big shifts and awesome tangible results! Read over my programs and get in touch if you'd like me to launch one for you.

*ALL Coaching Programs can be done as individual one-on-one Coaching Packages. Go to my Coaching Packages Page for details.

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Book Dreamers Program

9-Month Program 

Do you have a book inside you? Have others urged you to write a book about your life journey or something that you're passionate about? Is writing a book a dream you carry around inside, one that won't leave you alone?

Writing a book is a magical, creative journey with many twists and turns, long uphill climbs, dead ends, leisurely sightseeing and joyful downhill cruises. To get from an idea or vision to a published book can be a daunting undertaking if one is unprepared. With some simple guidance and regular support, the way can be made both manageable and at times, even smooth. 

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Phoenix Rising Program

6-month program

Are you in the midst of a major life transition? Do the challenges sometimes seem overwhelming? Transitions are often a time when the known in our lives changes so drastically and so fast that it feels as though it's been burned down. The image of the Phoenix rising from the ashes of what's been changed or lost can be daunting, but with guidance, support, encouragement, tools and resources, it's not only possible but it can open one's entire life to a new way of being. What emerges from those ashes is a more resilient, more alive person than before. Working with me you CAN learn how to transform these challenges into catalysts and utilize the energy to propel you forward into a new more powerful way of being. Step by step, we will move through the stages of transition from releasing the past to finding ways to live in the moment to creating a new vision for the future. 

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Inner Calling, Inner Joy Program

6-Month Program

Finding your true calling is a sacred journey into the wilderness of your heart. The purpose of this journey is to bring you into a deep, abiding alignment with your essence or core values. Nothing else will really allow you to flow personally, creatively or professionally. Together, we will bring what is hidden and buried into the light of awareness so that it can be seen and integrated. Real inner transformation doesn't happen overnight. Rather, it takes place, over time, with daily practice and cultivation. Having a guide who provides structure, encouragement, resources and support elevates the process and insures its sustainability. 

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Soul Whispers Program

3-month program

Do you know what the universe asking of you right now?  Do you know how interpret the signs, coincidences, synchronicities, and messages that life presents you? Your intuition is your Soul’s way of guiding you and providing you with a road map to navigate through your daily life. Together, we'll explore how to hear and interpret the key messages from your Soul that come through your dreams, conversations with others, inner nudges, and from a variety of other sources including books, movies, songs, etc. You'll also learn how to put these messages together into a Life Map that you can use to fulfill and express your Soul’s Purpose.


Conscious Business Program

6-month program

What does it mean to run your business consciously and with sacred intentions? How does it feel to regard every aspect of your work with respect and love? Can you really approach your daily work as a meditation? As entrepreneurs, we often get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight of the heart and soul of our business. This doesn't have to be this way. Business can be an authentic expression of our core values and convictions. It can be a context for service, beauty, creativity, community building, etc. It can also be a dynamic classroom of learning and growth which feeds and nourishes our souls. The best way to accomplish this is to align our inner intentions with our outer actions and seeing them as part of a seamless whole.


Late Bloomers Program

6-month program

Do you feel as though you're just coming to the full expression of your life purpose with all the tributaries joining together? Are you ready to create an authentic, soul-nourishing body of work? This package is designed for women in mid-life (or beyond) and are blossoming (or on the verge) and would benefit from a bit of nudge. This can help you gain clarity, accelerate your creative process and empower yourself to stretch beyond your current limitations.


Custom Package

Varied length

I can combine elements of any of my programs into a custom program to meet your specific needs. Custom programs can be designed as a 6-month, 9-month or 12-month programs. Get in touch with me to arrange a free 30-minute consultation so we can determine what will work best.