Conscious Business Program

What does it mean to run your business consciously and with sacred intentions? How does it feel to regard every aspect of your work with respect and love? Can you really approach your daily work as a meditation?

As entrepreneurs, we often get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight of the heart and soul of our business. This doesn't have to be this way. Business can be an authentic expression of our core values and convictions. It can be a context for service, beauty, creativity, community building, etc. It can also be a dynamic classroom of learning and growth which feeds and nourishes our souls. The best way to accomplish this is to align our inner intentions with our outer actions and seeing them as part of a seamless whole.

The Conscious Business Coaching Program helps you:

  • Create or strengthen daily practices that facilitate presence and awareness

  • Make more conscious decisions

  • See your business with fresh eyes

  • Align your business with your core values

  • Work from a place of service and compassion

  • Find balance between big picture thinking and day-to-day planning

  • Make decisions based on an inner-directed rather than outer-reactive place

  • Invest in social capital and kindred collaboration

  • Envision a business model based on sustainable business practices

  • Move through resistance and transform old habitual ways of thinking

  • Gather resources to empower your next steps

  • Plus more!

This 6-month program includes:

  • One 90-minute Discovery session w/recap an email summary of session, plus homework and resources)

  • One 60-minute coaching session per month w/recap

  • Two email check-ins per month

  • Two group meetings per month with other Conscious Business members for support, brainstorming, connection, discussion, fun exercises, accountability and more!

  • One 90-minute Breakthrough Session w/recap

This program is for you if:

  • You're in a rut or unfulfilled

  • You need a sounding board and fresh ideas

  • You are looking for help structuring your time

  • You have difficulty starting or finishing projects

  • You respond well to external accountability

  • You don't feel supported by friends and family

  • You have lots of ideas, but don't know which one to choose

  • You're ready to make a shift to living and working more consciously

Note: All Coaching Programs can be done as individual one-on-one Coaching Packages. If interested in that option instead, go to my Coaching Packages page.

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