Are you ready to engage in a courageous, outrageous, bold and beautiful creative journey surrounded by support and guidance, nurturing and encouragement? YES! Of course, you are!

Using the thirty chapters from my recently published book, Creative Alchemy: Accessing the Extraordinary Power of the Muse to Transform Your Art & Your Life, as the curriculum, I invite you to join me for an inspiring and magical journey deep into the heart of the creative process where you’ll:

1. Gather the Courage to Create (accountability, risks, freedom)
2. Honor your Muse (cultivating, caring, making friends)
3. Light the Creative Fires (imagination, sacred space, creative rituals)
4. Listen to Life (dreams, intuition, body wisdom)
5. Find Your Unique Voice (self-love, authenticity, destiny)
6. Transform Your Life (community, service, faith)

You'll also be working together with a group of fabulous creative kindreds who will support you every step of the way and beyond! Here are some comments from one of my recent classes:

"Victoria Fann's Creative Alchemy class was a delightful, playful respite from a world that seems to equate work with everything hard and exhausting. Her course takes students back to that place where one's work is play! I came to the class with a pretty good relationship with my muse but that relationship improved during the class. From helping me in a very natural, easy way with my writing to receiving a sort of magical "down load" about just what kind of curtains my den needed, a decision I'd not been able to make for three years, I found the class not only useful but enchanting! " ~ Sarah Elizabeth M., Asheville

"The Creative Alchemy course with Victoria Fann was a refreshing start for me. I’d been stuck in a dull work mode and felt entirely blocked from creativity. Our weekly sessions were comprised of a group of creative people in several mediums. This combination was an effective jump-start to getting back on my creative path. The weekly sessions also included acknowledging and honoring the Muse, the creative inspiration in us all. There were surprising new revelations about my creative process and I began to notice my authentic expression needing a voice. It’s unique to each of us." ~ Vicki R., Asheville

This will be a live, weekly one-hour Zoom class. There will be a total of 30 classes.

You will need to purchase my Creative Alchemy book, which you can do here:

Classes will begin on Monday, September 30th and meet from 7:00 - 8:00 pm. Each class will only cost $18. You may pay by the class or buy a ten-class bundle for only $160 (which gives you one class for free)!


Here are the themes for each class. We’re going to cover the whole spectrum of the creative process and do the exercises for each chapter.

  1. Resistance and Procrastination

  2. Response-Ability

  3. Express the Inexpressible

  4. Ego Games

  5. Breaking Free

  6. Unlearning

  7. Tuning In

  8. Making Friends

  9. Caring & Feeding

  10. Priorities & Boundaries

  11. The Power of Imagination

  12. Creative Juice

  13. Sacred Space

  14. Creative Rituals

  15. Daily Practice

  16. Dreams

  17. Signs & Signals

  18. Intuition

  19. Body Wisdom

  20. Nature’s Medicine

  21. Permission to Love Yourself

  22. Quantum Leaps of You Being You

  23. Seize the Moment

  24. Become the Vessel

  25. Fate & Destiny

  26. Creative Dates

  27. Creative Community

  28. Sharing Your Work

  29. Service to Others

  30. Keeping the Faith

Looking forward to seeing you online!