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Women's Writing Retreat in Ecuador!

  • Hostería Izhcayluma E682 Vilcabamba, Loja Ecuador (map)

Who are you? Why are you here? What do you want? These and other questions will make up the core of this exploratory retreat. Using evocative music, images and words, we will immerse ourselves in the creative universe of the Soul, tap into our inner Muse and navigate through the hidden landscape of the unconscious to connect with and bring forth our authentic Voice.

Along the way, we’ll uncover the powerful link between our intuition and our creativity, a tool that when utilized can provide us with inspiration, guidance and profound wisdom.  In the sacred space created by this workshop, there will be opportunities to share our discoveries as well as become a mirror for others. With a spirit of adventure, we'll journey together into the unknown and return with a softer heart and a nourished Soul.