Life Accelerator - Weekend Immersion

Are you in transition and aren’t sure what’s next? Looking to pick up the pace with a creative or business project? Hit a wall and seeking to create some lasting change? Frustrated by a relationship or lack of one?

The Life Accelerator - Weekend Immersion Coaching Package can help you get right to the core of the issues that are stopping you from moving forward in your life. This package was designed to support you to do what it takes to pull out the stops and change the game in your life.  It's boot camp for the soul—an opportunity to dive deep and put some intense focus on your life so that you can consciously create more harmony and flow.


  • Tune into what your heart needs

  • Strengthen your trust in your unique voice

  • Honor and embrace yourself where you are

  • Envision a pathway forward

  • Identity and move through negative self-talk and obstacles that arise

  • Gather resources to empower your next steps


It takes place from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon with the following schedule:

Fri. - Evening 90-Minute Discovery Session
Sat. - Early Morning (Reflection and Homework Time)
Sat. - Late Morning One-Hour Session

Sat. - Lunch Break
Sat. - Early Afternoon (Reflection and Homework Time)
Sat. - Late Afternoon One-Hour Session
Sat. - Dinner Break
Sat. Evening (Reflection and Homework Time)
Sun. - Morning Two-Hour Breakthrough Session


It takes place in your home. If you prefer a hotel or Airbnb, that will be an additional cost.


Please contact me for pricing information.