Inner Calling, Inner Joy Program

Finding your true calling is a sacred journey into the wilderness of your heart. The purpose of this journey is to bring you into a deep, abiding alignment with your essence or core values. Nothing else will really allow you to flow personally, creatively or professionally. 

Life can feel jumbled up and chaotic until we find the inner sanctuary that is uniquely our own. This sweet spot is where we hear and heed the call of our heart, it is where our intuition, our Muse and the Divine speak to us. 
Together, we will bring what is hidden and buried into the light of awareness so that it can be seen and integrated. Real inner transformation doesn't happen overnight. Rather, it takes place, over time, with daily practice and cultivation. Having a guide who provides structure, encouragement, resources and support elevates the process and insures its sustainability. 

Your Inner Calling, Inner Joy Program will help you: 

  • Identify your core values

  • Strengthen your intuition

  • Tune into what your heart needs

  • Explore your interests, passions, gifts

  • Discover your inner calling (your sweet spot)

  • Move through negative self-talk and obstacles that arise

  • Create a Life Intention Map to chart your course

  • Gather resources and support to empower your progress

  • Plus more!

This 6-month program includes: 

  • One 90-minute Discovery Session w/recap (an email summary of session, plus homework and resources)

  • One 60-minute coaching w/recap session per month

  • Two email check-ins per month

  • Two group meetings per month with other Inner Calling, Inner Joy members for exploration, connection, support, discussion, fun exercises, accountability and more!

  • One 90-minute Breakthrough Session w/recap

This program is for you if:

  • You want to do an in-depth exploration of your passions

  • You're ready to align your purpose with your core values

  • You are looking for validation, encouragement and accountability

  • You have difficulty making decisions or trusting yourself

  • You want to determine the feasibility of some of your ideas

  • You want access to greater resources and support

  • You are aware of inner guidance, but are afraid to follow it

  • You're ready to live more consciously and authentically

Note: All Coaching Programs can be done as individual one-on-one Coaching Packages. If interested in that option instead, go to my Coaching Packages page.

Inner Calling, Inner Joy Program - Coming in Fall 2019!

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