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The Coaching Journey

Have you been searching for clarity, meaning or purpose in your life? Or perhaps you're feeling stuck, navigating a big transition or finding daily life unfulfilling. You're not alone. We've all hit the wall. The trick is not only finding a way around it, but also, becoming aware of how we got there so we can make different choices moving forward. My coaching services are a great way to be seen and heard, change something, solve a problem, make a decision, open your heart, live your purpose, become self-aware, be accountable for your actions, be witnessed, move forward, get unstuck, remove creative blocks, etc


Inner Guide

Working with me you'll receive the benefits of over forty years of inquiry and inner exploration as well as outer practices and teachingsMy work is embodied and deep. I "do who I am" and live what I share with others.  I listen to your heart, read your field and respond accordingly to what arises in the moment. The process is alive and dynamic, not formulaic and dead. We're embarking on a journey together and what we do is determined by what we encounter along the way. Everything is fresh and new, but also rooted in the core intentions of our destination. This destination is our map that tells us where we want to go.

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