Working with Victoria was nothing short of phenomenal! She held such a beautiful sacred space that allowed me to be vulnerable and real, and go deeper, really feeling into what was making me really stuck and frustrated in my love life and in my career. We tapped into such potent energy together—and I have been riding that wave ever since my session.
— Sarah, Asheville, NC

Working with her was literally life-changing, as such, I continue to seek her expertise on other life and business endeavors. I recall at the end of my most recent session I told her, ‘You’re giving me life Victoria!’
— Dr. Reena Newton, Asheville, NC

Victoria helped me to set very realistic intentions and gave me constructive methods for gently structuring my time based on those intentions. Rigid methods may work for some but are definitely not for me! She wisely reinforced the critical concept of loving boundaries and committing to some “me” time and showing up for it!
— Barbara, Georgetown, TX

I, myself, am a transformative coach, so I know the power of breakthroughs in perception, and Victoria has held incredible space for me to have very powerful breakthroughs emotionally, professionally, and relationally. Our sessions have magic in them.
— Rossi, Chicago, IL

The sessions were always so motivating and insightful. I felt really supported and encouraged, and Victoria’s insight and wisdom was always spot on. The recaps are just wonderful, and I can keep going over the things I’ve learned, and incorporate them in greater and greater depth into my life. I’ve discovered new tools, resources and ways of being that are making my life so much deeper and more rewarding.
— Jan, Sydney, Australia

Victoria is also a great sounding board. She helps me reflect on my choices and make more sound decisions. In addition, her recap emails are a fantastic reminder of what we have talked about, plus they have the added bonus of great resources I can utilize for my projects or for self-care.
— Luci, Suquamish, WA

She is a powerful listener and helped me come up with ways to address the big changes happening in my life that I allowed to pull me off center and the writing routine I’d established. In addition, her “session recap” email provided more golden nuggets of suggestions!
— Katie, Asheville, NC

After five sessions with Victoria, I can definitely say that I’ve gained a different perspective on my personal trajectory, and I feel more prepared to handle unexpected adversity. In addition to our coaching sessions, she provided an abundance of resource materials and a helpful recap of recurring themes and challenges in my path.
— Morgan, Asheville, NC