As important as being loved...

People feel love and connection when they are seen, heard and appreciated. What drives my work is that people are longing for this. If they feel that someone really sees them and cares, they immediately feel love and their heart opens. An open heart means that they can receive what life has to offer and from that place of feeling love they can give authentically.


Big Ideas

  • To sustain ourselves and our beloved planet, we need a paradigm shift from the left-brained, corporate, consumer model toward a right-brained, heart-centered, creative, tribal model. Away from a money-based economy to a sharing economy that's good for people and planet. I'm committed to doing whatever I can to support this transition. In fact, I'm dedicating the rest of my life in service to this vision.
  • Human beings are extraordinary beings capable of extraordinary things--miraculous things. Human beings are strong, powerful and limitless. We can perform the most impossible of miracles, the most mind-blowing feats. We can transcend space and time, experience multi-dimensions, access any information that exists anywhere in the universe, heal any illness, and speak to those who aren’t in the physical, and on and on. But due to our early programming by our parents, teachers and social culture, we have convinced ourselves that this isn’t true. We have bought into the collective lie about this and forgotten who we really are.  Most of us have had glimpses of the extraordinary, but when it’s over we file it away because we don’t know how to access it at will; so we wait, hopeful that it will happen again or we associate it with a person, place or thing and try to repeat it. The key is to remember and awaken from the dream.
  • The Truth about who we are and what we’re capable of is within. To access this, you have to shut the world out and listen to the voice that comes from inside of you. The Truth within can only be known by direct experience, not with the intellect or mind, books, techniques, a teacher or guru or word--only with the visceral (bodily sensations) and the intuitive (information that comes in through by-passing the mind). 
  • We all have gifts and wounds. If we could learn to integrate our darkness and love ourselves unconditionally, we would be more capable of loving others--we would stop projecting and blaming and judging others' unhealed stuff because we would recognize they are mirrors and teachers.
  • Life is the best teacher. When we tune into it's channel through having a daily practice of listening and meditating, we become open to our inner guidance and outer messages. We receive exactly whatever lesson, gift and wisdom we need in the moment.

What Matters

  • Presence – Whatever work I do, no matter what it is, I’m 100 percent invested and 100 percent present. When I’m with someone or working on a project, I’m all in…my focus is entirely there.
  • Intuition – I don’t work with a script or agenda. Instead, I rely on my intuition and clues from the individual or the group as my guide to know what’s needed. The structure I do use serves as the platform for the unknown that emerges in the moment.
  • Diversity - I focus on creative issues, relationship issues, work issues along with spiritual issues and bring it all to the table. Anyone who works with me recieves the benefit of all of my areas of expertise.
  • Creativity - I believe creativity can save the world. When people freely and authentically express themselves creatively major parts of their lives begin to heal and integrate. I'm all about helping people open up the blocks and create the space to nurture and express their creative gifts.
  • Communication - I'm good at asking the right questions at the right time and really listening to the answers, then basing my next question on that. It’s a Socratic question and answer process.
  • Sacred - To me, the word, sacred, means love + respect. All people, places and things deserve to be treated in a sacred way.  Creating a sacred container, a safe, clean space, is part of the work I do as it allows people to express their vulnerability and child-like innocence without any fear of ridicule or rejection.
  • Big Picture - I have a natural ability to see and connect the big picture with the small picture, the universal and the personal. To hold the space one has to able to tune into both as well as to the collective. Being related to the whole, to the ALL is meaningful.  Seeing the connection between the universal and the personal is necessary to be able to hold space. 
  • Truth - I’m interested in the truth, in the highest good, in being a catalyst for people to remember who they are. The truth is where the real bliss of life lives, however, there can be lots of pain removing the blocks in the way of that, which is why it helps to have a trusted guide to lead you through the wilderness.
  • Commitment - I’m interested in people’s highest joy, and deeply committed to helping them do whatever it takes to express that.